2020-2021 Coast Apts (120 beds) becoming faculty housing.
2020-2021 South and Central Mesa (780 beds) slated for redevelopment.
-> Aug. 30, 2019 HDH communication
-> Apr. 29, 2019 HDH communication

There are several parts to the UCSD Housing Analysis Hub:

  1. UCSD Graduate Student Salaries 2007 – 2020
  2. Housing Trends Page
  3. Financial Analysis Page

Housing Trends Page Focuses on plots of trends and current stats. Here you will find UC San Diego:

  • Historical rent trends
  • Rent cost as a fraction of the UCSD graduate student income
  • Rent per bed for different housing communities
  • Rent compared to market rent
  • Rent compared to other UC campuses student rent
  • Rent trends compared to local and national statistics

Financial Analysis Page The financial and accounting analysis for UCSD student housing found here includes:

  • The HDH budget
  • Financing of the UCSD housing complexes.
  • Rent model for the complexes (how HDH earns its income).
  • Traditional and projected timelines for, a) identifying financing, b) Regents approval of project, c) eviction notices sent to residents to vacate if new construction is to replace old, and d) move-in for new residents.
  • Construction timelines and details
  • Etc.