UC San Diego student housing offers a numbers of opportunities for students to communicate with the UCSD Administration via petitions. Please consider signing all of them.

UCSD graduate student rent increased despite the complete lack of transparency in the rental rates process by UCSD’s Housing, Dinining and Hospitality (HDH).

Students are expected to bear burden of the new construction, says UCSD. (a) The UCSD CFO, Mr. Pierre Ouillet, says so on Feb. 15, 2019: (b) UCSD’s HDH says so on April 2, 2019.

1. Zero % Rental Rates Increase in 2019-2020, aka Rent Freeze. Asks the UCSD Chancellor to:
·  Cease the misleading practices of UCSD’s Housing, Dining, and Hospitality Deptartment (HDH);
·  Cease the unsupported by data unprecedented runaway graduate housing rental rates increases enforced by HDH;
·   Bring the UCSD graduate housing-to-salaries relatioship in line with the San Diego housing-to-salaries relationship.

2. Rita & SGA + Salaries Adjusted With Rent. Asks the UCSD Chancellor to:
·   Keep SGA and Rita open for graduate students as the most affordable options;
·   Keep SGA and Rita open for graduate students as the most affordable options;;
·   Lower the average price per bed to 30% of the TA/GSR salary (at 50%);
·   Couple future rent increases to the annual TA/GSA salary adjustments, and;
·   Subsidize rent for graduate students employed at less than 50%.